Rehapp Mobile


This PWA is a minimum viable product (MVP) mobile application designed to assist doctors and patients with the rehabilitation process after sports-related injuries. The app allows doctors to create customized rehabilitation programs for their patients by selecting individual exercises from a library of options. These programs can then be assigned to patients for execution at home. Each exercise within the app is accompanied by a detailed description and animation to guide patients through the correct execution technique.


Tech Stack

  • PWA (HTML5, CSS3, ES6+, Service Worker)
  • Vue 3, Quasar UI, i18next, PDF generation, QR codes
  • PostgreSQL, TeqFW (SSE, DI)

Development Features

  • Frame-Based Animation: The app features frame-based animation to help control the speed of exercise execution for patients.
  • Front-End Animation Caching: The app also includes front-end animation caching to improve the overall performance of the application.
  • Automatic Archive Creation: The app automatically creates archives of exercise animations on the back-end, which can then be transferred to the front-end to further optimize performance.
  • QR Code Link Exchange: The app uses QR codes to allow for easy link exchange between doctors and patients, simplifying the process of program assignment and execution.
  • PDF File Creation: The app can also generate PDF files of exercise programs for patients to print out and reference during their rehabilitation process.